Godiva Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo in Ryuo-cho

Questions and answers

When is the new year open?

It looks like it is open from New Year's Day.

Is there a DAKS?

do not have

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

I can borrow it!

Is there a GUCCI store at Ryuo's outlet?

There is

Which station does the bus leave from?

You are coming from Yasu Station or Omihachiman.

On weekdays, is there a bus from Kyoto?

It is operated only on weekends and holidays.

Do you rent wheelchairs?           

Is there a front entrance? I always enter from the multi-storey car park. There is no wheelchair there. Is there a window at the front entrance? Excuse me, I apologize for not serving you. We checked, There was wheelchair rental, and it is available for free at the general information center.

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